Newborn packs: Black and White booklets

Discover more about the Bookstart Newborn packs and why they are ideal for gifting to new parents and their babies.

Why were the Newborn packs developed?

The Newborn packs were designed to engage new parents and babies and encourage sharing books from a very young age. They also provide libraries with the opportunity to insert information about joining local libraries as early as possible.

Newborn packs black-and-white booklets

What do they contain?

  • A card to congratulate parents on the birth of their new baby and signpost them to the Baby and Treasure packs they will be receiving
  • A booklet containing black-and-white images to engage newborn babies and additional tips for parents
  • An envelope to contain the card, booklet and any additional library-joining information

How do practitioners get hold of the packs?

Each local authority will receive an allocation via their Bookstart Coordinator, who will distribute them to relevant partners. Please get in touch with the Bookstart Coordinator in your local authority to request them but please note that they have a limited supply. If you do not know their contact details, please contact

Who should give them out?

Common partners that distribute these packs are:

  • Midwives
  • Health visitors
  • Registrars

Mum and newborn reading

What guidance should be given to families when giving out the packs?

Encourage parents and carers to:

  • Cuddle up with their baby and look out for their reaction to different pages in the booklet
  • Keep sharing the booklet with their baby again and again so they start to recognise the images
  • Not worry if their baby tires easily when looking at the booklet

Remind parents that sharing books, stories and rhymes will:

  • Develop early language skills
  • Build a strong bond between them and their baby
  • Help grow a reader for life

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