Patrick Ness's guide to writing

A Monster Calls and The Knife of Never Letting Go author Patrick Ness offers a guide to the entire writing process, from getting inspiration to getting published.

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Getting started

Patrick Ness shares his advice on beginning your writing journey.

Laying out a structure

Patrick Ness shares his advice for structuring your writing.

On when to read

When should you let other people read your writing? Patrick Ness shares his thoughts.

Compare and despair

Patrick Ness warns against comparing yourself to other authors - even if their work sounds very similar to yours...

On finding time to write

Struggling to find time to get writing? Patrick Ness has some words of wisdom for you.

Freedom from tyranny

Patrick Ness explains how too much choice when you're writing can turn out to be a problem.

It talks! How does your book sound?

Patrick Ness explains that every piece of writing has its own voice - here's how to figure out what it sounds like.

Getting published: Are you ready?

Patrick Ness offers some advice about getting ready to send your work out to publishers.

Getting published: Where to send it?

Patrick Ness offers advice on finding an agent and a publisher for your writing.

Getting published: What to submit

Ready to submit your masterpiece to an agent or publisher? Patrick Ness' handy checklist advises you what to send with your manuscript.

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