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Looking for inspiration? Our booklists explore all sorts of issues and themes – and can help you discover the new books that your little one will love.

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Great adventure books for children

From an ape getting involved in a murder case to schoolgirl cat burglars and mysteries taking place across the world, there are some brilliant capers out there just waiting to be devoured. Here's a list of great adventure stories for all ages.

Books to share with older children

Reading together doesn’t have to stop once your children can read for themselves – it’s still fun to read aloud to older children! Here are great stories to share with 8-12s that you’ll love, too...

Starting school or nursery

These picture books are perfect for children starting school or nursery. Why not share them together, so you can talk through any fears and anxieties?

Books about friendship

Can you imagine Pooh without Piglet? Or Frodo without Sam? Here are some children's books that celebrate the power, fun and wonder of friendship.

Jane Austen with a twist - for children

Pride and Prejudice is of course a much-loved route into Austen's works - and it's perfect for older teens. But here are other books by other authors that may appeal to children a little bit younger.

Books about refugees and asylum seekers

Since asylum can be a confusing issue for children (and even adults), here are some books that explore what it really means to flee your home and have to start your life over.

Foody booklist for The Great British Bake Off

To celebrate the return of The Great British Bake Off, we've sieved together some great baking book recommendations to get you in the foody mood.

With the zest of dragons, a hint of Chris Riddell and garnished with a bit royalty, this booklist is perfect for children aged 4-10 years old.

Children's books about dogs

They're man's best friend, so we had to dedicate a booklist to them. This booklist features classic reads as well as newer books, all about different dogs and canines. Although there may be a couple of cats thrown into the mix too.    

Have a look at our great collection of books featuring dogs for children aged three and older.

Books about the seaside

We've chosen some of our favourite seaside-themed children’s books for all ages - which one is your favourite?

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