Blue Peter Book Awards

Since 2000, the enormously popular and influential Blue Peter Book Awards have been recognising and celebrating the best authors, the most creative illustrators and the greatest reads for children.

The Blue Peter Book Awards 2018 celebrates children's books published in the last year in two categories: the Best Story and the Best Book with Facts. Previous Blue Peter Book Award winners include Michael Morpurgo, Katherine Rundell, Oliver Jeffers and Liz Pichon. 

Update: Blue Peter Book Awards 2018

We now have a shortlist

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The shortlist was picked by our judges:

  • Ewan Vinnicombe, Editor, Blue Peter
  • Laura Dockrill, performance poet, author/illustrator and short story writer
  • Greg James and Chris Smith, radio and TV broadcasters
  • Amy McKay, school librarian

Shortlisted books: Best Story

The Island at the End of Everything

Kiran Millwood Hargrave

Amihan lives happily on the island of Culion in the Phillipines with her mother, her Nanay, who has leprosy, and in a wider community where some people are "touched" with the disease, and some are not.

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Wed Wabbit

Lissa Evans

Don't be fooled by the cutesy title. The particularly 'Wabbit' in the story is anything but sweet! Fidge is a clever, slightly cynical 11 year old who is flung into the world of her little sister Minnie's favourite story - the world of the Wimbley Woos.

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The Wizards of Once

Cressida Cowell

Wish is a girl from a warrior tribe and Xar is a boy from a wizard tribe, living in a world loosely based on Ancient Britain at the beginning of the Iron Age, but where magic is real. A fabulously imaginative, funny and unpredictable adventure. 

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Shortlisted books: Best Book With Facts

Beyond the Sky: You and the Universe

Dara Ó’Briain, illustrated by Dan Bramall

Beginning with the question, 'So you want to go into space?', this book takes readers on a hilarious journey through the solar system and beyond. It's packed with fascinating facts covering fundamental scientific questions such as 'What might be in a black hole?' and 'What happens to poo on the International Space Station?'.

Ó'Briain's genuine love for scien…

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Corpse Talk: Ground-Breaking Scientists

Adam and Lisa Murphy

A fun and funky graphic exploration of some of the greatest scientists you’ve ever heard of – and maybe a few you haven’t!

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Real-Life Mysteries

Susan Martineau, Illustrator: Vicky Barker

An ideal book for anyone who’s been intrigued by stories about sightings of Bigfoot, UFOs, crop circles, ghosts etc. A chance to examine the evidence and maybe solve a mystery.

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How will the winners be picked?

We have hundreds of children in schools all around the UK who are part of an expert reading panel. These children will select the winning books for 2018.

Get your school to read along

Even if your school isn't an official judging school, why not read along with us?

Chat about the shortlisted books as a class and tell us who YOU would like to see win @Booktrust on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

You can find plenty of resources below to help you read through the books and discuss as a class...

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