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For ages 0-3 and up

No Probllama!

Author: Rosie Greening Illustrator: Kali Stileman

Llamas may look a little goofy, but in this touch-and-feel book, they are fearless adventurers! This modern, quirky storybook will keep families reading and laughing together with its rhyme, regular beat, fabulous illustrations and outrageous humour.

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Who’s Hiding at the Seaside?

Author: Katharine McEwen

A lovely addition to any little person’s blossoming bookshelf, this is a great way to learn about our country’s wildlife and the illustrations are a treat for tiny art lovers. Be warned though, you’ll want to collect the entire set from Nosy Crow and the National Trust!

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For ages 3-5 and up

Bikes for Sale

Author: Carter Higgins Illustrator: Zachariah OHora

This quirky tale, with distinctive, vibrant illustrations, is delightful. Amusing and uplifting, it explores the joy of friendship and demonstrates that sharing adventures can double the fun.

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Brenda is a Sheep

Author: Morag Hood

Brenda might have sharp teeth and big claws, but she's definitely a sheep. Definitely. So why is she working on a mint sauce recipe...? A hilarious picture book with bold illustrations to match.

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Hello, Friend

Author: Rebecca Cobb

This warm-hearted picture book about making friends is a perfect read for little ones starting school or nursery who might be a bit nervous, reassuring them that there will be lots of other children who will want to make friends.

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Some Days

Author: Karen Kaufman Orloff Illustrator: Ziyue Chen

From the 'waiting at the store days’ to the ‘going for dessert days’, all the emotions are covered in this sing-song rhyming poem about the ordinary and extraordinary days that are part of growing up.

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The Quiet Crocodile Goes to the Beach

Author: Natacha Andriamirado Illustrator: Delphine Renon

Fossil the quiet crocodile loves the beach but doesn't like the idea of going in the water. Lots of little ones aren’t sure about going in to paddle in the sea or swim in a pool, so this is the perfect summery book to soothe their fears.

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The Rabbit Listened

Author: Cori Doerrfeld

Taylor creates a magnificent structure from building blocks and is devastated when it is destroyed by a passing flock of birds. Sensitive and insightful, this poignant story provides an ideal starting point for discussion about how it feels when things go wrong. 

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The Way to Treasure Island

Author: Lizzy Stewart

Matilda is determined to find the treasure on a nearby island - but her Dad is far too disorganised! A lovely picture book about appreciating differences in others and working as a team.

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Through the Eyes of Us

Author: Jon Roberts

Kya and Martha are like ‘two different colours sitting on a beautiful rainbow’. They are both on the autistic spectrum, but this certainly does not mean that they are the same. A beautiful book, rich in its universal sense of childhood fun and friendship. 

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Tooth Fairy in Training

Author: Michelle Robinson Illustrator: Briony May Smith

This funny, bouncy rhyme is silly and surprising with twists that children really won’t see coming. But there is still enough sparkle and magic to keep little fairy fans happy! A perfect gift for someone who has just lost their first tooth. 

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Where Did You Go Today?

Author: Jenny Duke

A little girl goes to the park with her dad and has a fantastic time. The book has fewer than 60 words yet positively depicts what appears to be a separated or divorced dad visiting his daughter for a play date as a part of everyday life.

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For ages 5-8 and up

Bad Nana: All the Fun of the Fair

Author: Sophy Henn

The fair has come to town, but when Bad Nana's nemesis Mrs Farquar-Haha rigs the pet competition, who knows what could happen? The second in Sophy Henn's bright and brilliant series about a subversive grandma.

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Boy Oh Boy

Author: Cliff Leek Illustrator: Bene Rohlmann

Boy Oh Boy is an entertaining way to meet 30 positive male role models from throughout history. It will inspire all children to use their talents, express their passions and stand up for what they think is right. 

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Cherry Moon

Author: Zaro Weil Illustrator: Junli Song

This big, beautiful book is full of short, simple poems that are joyous nods to nature in all its awe and wonder. Any poetry or art lover would surely welcome Cherry Moon into their library, and it makes the perfect introduction to creative writing for young readers.

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Iced Out

Author: C K Smouha Illustrator: Isabella Bunnell

Wilfred the Narwhal and Neville the Walrus are the odd ones out at Miss Blubber's School for Arctic Mammals... but will things change when Betty the Beluga joins the class? A stunning, empowering must-read for all children.

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Milton the Mighty

Author: Emma Read Illustrator: Alex G Griffiths

When an exterminator starts spreading false rumours of deadly spiders on the loose, Milton and his arachnid friends fear for their lives. Will they be able to convince the humans they live with that they're perfectly harmless? A warm, funny tale.

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The Extraordinary Life of Katherine Johnson

Author: Devika Jina Illustrator: Maggie Cole

This biography of brilliant mathematician Katherine Johnson charts her life from early childhood to the present day. Beautifully designed, the book also includes a wealth of information about space exploration and aspects of American history.

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The Wizards and the Whale

Author: Anthinula Tori Illustrator: Jean Tori

Wizards from 12 different kingdoms discover that Earth needs their help and send a message to children worldwide in this beautiful picture book with an environmental theme.

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For ages 9-12 and up

A Pocketful of Stars

Author: Aisha Bushby

Safiya must uncover the truth of her mother’s history to help her survive the present. A beautifully written and page-turning read, set in London and Kuwait, that deals with changing friendships, family dynamics and learning how to say goodbye. 

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Fast Forward: The World's Most Famous Race Tracks and Race Cars

Author: Adam Skinner Illustrator: James Gilleard

This remarkable, colourful guide to car racing will thrill little petrolheads: expect technical details, history, and fascinating personal interest stories.

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I, Cosmo

Author: Carlie Sorosiak

Cosmo is a dog with a passion for dance. When his family no longer have enough love to stay together, can he save them? This charming story brings together the fun of canine freestyle dance and the heartbreak of divorce into a single, moving story about families.

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Lost for Words

Author: Aoife Walsh

Lost for Words is a heart-warming book that brings the importance of libraries and families together. It's an exceptional example of children never giving up and letting the adults have their way.

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My Cousin is a Time Traveller

Author: David Solomons Illustrator: Robin Boyden

This is the fifth title in an exceptionally funny series about 11-year-old Luke and his chaotic superhero world. Witty, zany and full of references to science fiction classics, this laugh-out-loud page turner will have readers on the edge of their seats.

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Peril en Pointe

Author: Helen Lipscombe

Peril en Pointe mixes together classic elements of boarding school ups-and-downs, ballet dreams and a super sleuth crime mystery into one page-turning novel, with a plot that will keep readers guessing right to the end.

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Rugby Academy

Author: Tom Palmer Illustrator: David Shephard

A high-stakes rugby drama, with memorable characters on and off the pitch, presented in a super-readable collection of three linked stories.

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She Wolf

Author: Dan Smith

An intense and original coming-of-age adventure/thriller set in the Dark Ages, featuring murder, revenge, wolves, Vikings and Norse myths. Another stunning read from a master storyteller.

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Author: Danny Rurlander

In Spylark, Rurlander has created a gripping adventure, with all the right ingredients. Local bullies, sinister villains, high-speed chases, terrorism plans, explosive weaponry, missing evidence and dramatic escapes.

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The Bigger Picture: Women Who Changed the Art World

Author: Sophia Bennett Illustrator: Manjit Thapp

For thousands of years, the work of brilliant female creatives has gone unappreciated, whether they were taking part in weaving, sewing, embroidery or crockery. This fascinating book profiles wonderful women artists from across the world and gives their work the attention it deserves.

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The Lost Tide Warriors

Author: Catherine Doyle

On the Irish island of Arranmore, a dark power is awakening and Fionn Boyle is worried that his powers are lacking. The second book in the Storm Keeper series is a rich, atmospheric and uniquely modern Irish mythology for children: highly recommended.

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The Spectacular Revenge of Suzi Sims

Author: Vivian French Illustrator: Julia Patton

This short chapter book, written in diary style, is the ideal companion for children going through tough days at school. Exploring friendship, bullying and the ups and downs of school life, it captures primary school life perfectly.

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For teens (12+)

Rose, Interrupted

Author: Patrice Lawrence

A dramatic, thoughtful and compelling coming-of-age novel, in which 17-year-old Rose must learn to navigate the unspoken rules of a world increasingly focused on social media.

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The Starlight Watchmaker

Author: Lauren James

A lowly, abandoned android thinks he has nothing in common with aristocrats, until he investigates a crime with one. A charming and funny story with a touch of satire and a tinge of steampunk, which can be read as a tale of friendship or a light romance. 

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The True Colours of Coral Glen

Author: Juliette Forrest

Coral misses her grandmother and feels partly responsible for her death. Will the promise of one last conversation with Gran persuade her to make a pact with the ghostly guardian of her local cemetery? Deeply human, imaginatively supernatural and darkly comic.

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Where the River Runs Gold

Author: Sita Brahmachari

Shifa and her brother Themba live in a world destroyed by climate change, but when they're sent away to work, they're horrified to discover a cruel and corrupt system. Will they be able to escape and make the world a better place?

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