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Politics, freedom of choice, and the big issues

The Weight of Water

A booklist for secondary school students

  • The Road of Bones

    Anne Fine
    Random House

    Anne Fine subtly but accessibly explores the nature of state repression, personal freedom and responsibility in this thrilling, darkly chilling adventure.

  • Noughts and Crosses

    Malorie Blackman
    Random House

    Callum is a Nought but his best friend Sephy is a Cross - the daughter of one of the most influential politicians in the country.

  • Maus

    Art Spiegelman

    This is the complete story of Vladek Spiegelman and his wife, living and surviving in Hitler's Europe.

  • Too Much Trouble

    Tom Avery
    Frances Lincoln Children's Books

    An original interpretation of the Oliver Twist story reflecting a number of critical and significant contemporary issues.

  • The Weight of Water

    Sarah Crossan

    This beautiful book is written in verse and captures 13-year-old Kasienka’s emotions and experiences perfectly

  • Politics - cutting through the crap

    Bali Rai
    Walker Books

    What is politics? How does Parliament work? Is the great British democracy even a true democracy?

  • Klaus Vogel and the Bad Lads

    David Almond
    Barrington Stoke

    Thought-provoking, dyslexia-friendly morality tale with black and white illustrations.  

  • Terror Kid

    Benjamin Zephaniah
    Hot Key

    A powerful, accessible and revelatory novel with its finger firmly on the pulse of contemporary social and political issues.

  • Captive

    A J Grainger
    Simon & Schuster

    Robyn, the daughter of the British Prime Minister, is kidnapped at gunpoint, incarcerated in a tiny cell. A gripping read and a moving exploration of identity, celebrity, loyalty, politics and power.