X'ed Out

Publisher: Jonathan Cape

If William Burroughs wrote a graphic novel, it might look something like this. There's a young artist who once went out with an unlikely girl. Something ended their relationship and we glimpse flashbacks of their courtship. Meanwhile, there's a massive gash on his head, and he cant sleep and then his dead cat Inky appears and leads him through a rabbit-hole in his apartment into a world of... well, let's just call them abrasive aliens.

This is a trippy book full of coarse humour and inventive reality-bending. That's not to say that it's a good laugh. Most arty graphic novels these days tell us twee hipster-ish tales of loveable weirdoes. X'ed Out is a return to feelings of paranoia, apocalypse and alternative realities, but with a loveable weirdo at its helm.

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