World’s Greatest Liar: Beaky Malone

Publisher: Stripes

Beaky Malone is a compulsive liar. His family and friends are used to it and instantly disbelieve everything he says. When he emerges from a wacky and unconvincing 'truth-telling' machine, declaring that he has lost the ability to lie, obviously no one believes him.

In a weekend of mayhem, Beaky's truth-telling aggravates a situation already complicated by warring relatives, a super-creepy cousin and a dog who eats everything it sees - including the TV. But, to Beaky's surprise, telling the truth can also have positive consequences.

This first book of a new series features plentiful comic-strip illustrations and incidental doodles that add energy and heart to a fun story of life in a cheerfully dysfunctional family. Best not to read this under the desk at school or on public transport, as the inevitable loud laughter may be embarrassing.

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