Witch in Training

Publisher: Walker Books

In a very cosy looking country cottage, a trainee witch prepares a potion with her mother. Zooming off to the shops on their broomsticks, Mum and daughter stock up fairy dust, phoenix feathers, jumbo-sized owl earwax and all manner of other magical ingredients before heading off to a local tomb for some thigh bones and ghostly chains. Finally, the little witch is ready to make her potion, until – oh no! - she sneezes at most inopportune moment.

Can the witch in training correct her error, or will her pets face an unexpected destiny?

A delightfully cosy picture book full of imaginative magic and humour, Witch in Training is for any child that has faced a tricky task: though the little witch makes a mistake, she still managed to put it right with a little help from Mum – and a dash of magic. Briony May Smith’s illustrations are full of brilliant detail and the feel of the book is cosy and autumnal.

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