Witch Glitch

Book 4 in the Witch Wars series

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Tiga the witch has moved to Silver City with her mum, who has just come back from being stuck inside her witch's hat for many years. Separated from her best friends, Fluffanora and Peggy, and stuck with Fran the egotistical fairy, Tiga is beginning to feel a bit lonely in the new city. When a mysterious book called The Karens turns up and Fran disappears, Tiga fears something bad may be happening, something involving magical wishes, a jelly castle and a pair of enchanted tights.

This high paced story is the fourth book in the Witch Wars series and although it can be read alone it would be easier to follow if read in sequence. It is jam packed with adventure, magic and silly spells, as well as feisty, brave protagonists. Sure to satisfy fans of the series.

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