Winnie the Witch

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Publisher: Oxford University Press

Winnie has a problem. She has a black house with black walls, black floors, black furniture and black fittings. Winnie’s cat Wilbur is also black – and when he closes his eyes to sleep, Winnie cannot see him and treads on him. Her solution is to change the colour of Wilbur’s fur so that he stands out better. However, it’s not as simple as she has hoped and eventually (after lots of colour changing for poor Wilbur) she realises it is the house she needs to change.  

This simple story is ideal for discussing disability. It’s particularly effective for explaining what is known as the Social Model of Disability – the idea that it is not the (disabled) individual who needs to change, but the environment/society.

This edition comes with a fantastic Audio CD that children will want to listen to again and again!

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