Whose Stripes?

Publisher: Ladybird

This enticing lift-the-flap book features a selection of stripy animals for babies and toddlers to identify, using a mixture of visual and written clues. Each page focusses on a different creature: a creeping tiger, a buzzy bee, a smiling zebra and sneaky snake. There are tantalising glimpses of these partially-concealed creatures on each page, such as the wing of a bee poking out from behind a bush, or a snake’s body coiled around a cactus. A full-page flap lifts to reveal the identity of the animal underneath.

Bold, bright illustrations will capture the child’s attention and help to develop their observational skills, while the large flaps are perfect for improving the dexterity of little fingers. Ideal to encourage language and communication development, babies will love the rhythm of the rhyming text, while the peek-a-boo style helps to build anticipation. A wonderful tale for babies and toddlers who are beginning to explore the exciting world of books.

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