Who Said Woof? A lift-the-flap touch and feel book

Publisher: Little Tiger

Who said Woof? Was it Bunny? No… it was Puppy! Who said Meow? Was it Guinea Pig? No… it was Kitten, of course! But bunnies have soft fur, just like puppies...

This lovely board book has big flaps that little ones can turn over to see who said what and match the animal with the right noise. There’s a touch and feel element too, so that babies and toddlers can rub furry patches, smooth fabric and squeaky green plastic as they play with the book. Finally, there’s a mirror at the end for babies to see themselves and make their own noises!

This is a delightful, bright and simple board book which is strong and well-made, meaning it will stand up to plenty of play, chew and reading, as well as being a nice introduction to animals and a help for babies’ speech development.

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