White Fox

Publisher: Chicken House

White fox cub Dilah has an idyllic life, listening to his mother's tales and enjoying his father's piggyback rides - but he can't help but be fascinated by a human family nearby.

Then, when tragedy strikes and a hunter shoots his parents, his mother passes on an astonishing secret as she lies dying... and Dilah sets out on a dangerous quest to become human himself.

White Fox is a classic animal adventure, following Dilah as he journeys across beautiful landscapes, making new friends - and dangerous enemies - along the way.

There's much to enjoy, from diving into the animal world's mythology to rooting for Dilah and his sidekicks - and children will love the story's messages of bravery, friendship and standing up for what's right.

But there are deeper themes at play too, as author Chen Jiatong never shies away from the threat humanity poses to the natural world. Indeed, there is some violence which, while never too graphic, may upset more sensitive readers.

The first part of a series, White Fox will leave all of its readers keen to find out what will happen next in Dilah's story.

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