What’s That Noise? Tap! Tap! Guess the Toy!

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Publisher: Child’s Play

Ting a ling! What’s that noise? Ah, the bell on a bike! There’s a crash and bang of blocks falling over, and the quacking of some ducks in a bath. Lots of sounds to discover, what fun!

This bright little board book approaches sound-making with a new angle that focuses on the sounds that various toys make, helping children to learn sounds that are relatable and fun. Each double page features a large fold-out card flap revealing the source of the sound and showing a cute animal playing with the toy, all of which are gender neutral: tricycle, shape sorter, blocks, rubber duck and ride on truck.

The sound theme means that there’s a lot of opportunity for adults to make funny sounds – and for little ones to try and copy them.

A lovely little book, full of fun.

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