What's For Dinner, Mr Gum?

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Publisher: Farshore

The Battle of Lamonic Bibber begins when Friday O'Leary, Polly and Alan Taylor depart for a little seaside time...

Mr Gum and ally, butcher Billy William the Third, rule the town. But when Billy discovers Mr Gum sneaking into Greasy Ian's House of Slops for supper, Billy vows 'RIVINGE' and war is declared: kebabs fly and streets run red with chilli sauce.

Returning, Polly and friends realise love alone can halt the carnage. All they have to do is find Billy's dream girl and glamour butcher, Thora Gruntwinkle!

Andy Stanton continues to push language inventively to its logical and humorous limits, experimenting with ideas about texts and stories, and Tazzyman's Pythonesque illustrations are the perfect counterpoint. Mad, bad – and very funny!

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