What a Wonderful Word

Publisher: 360 Degrees (Little Tiger Group)

A beautifully illustrated book that celebrates the magic of language by showcasing a small collection of untranslatable words from around the world.

Of course, Nicola Edwards somehow does capture the essence of them in her fantastic descriptions. It's nice to know that other people have given a name to a feeling you've had: whether you've tartled at a party (hesitated when you forget a person's name) or had abbiocco because your eyes were bigger than your stomach (drowsiness after eating a big meal).

This chunky hardback is full of exciting discoveries like these, which will get children and adults alike squealing with recognition – and wanting to drop the new words into conversation. 

The illustrations by Luisa Uribe, with their soft, earthy palette, are also hand-over-your-mouth stunning. Both these and the text quite rightly celebrate all sorts of cultures to make this book enjoyably diverse. Wherever the word comes from, Edwards includes additional information about that country, usually drawing on their contribution to the world through their ideas and inventions. Sometimes, there are just fun facts: for instance, Belarusians eat more potatoes than anyone else in the world! Who knew?

What a Wonderful Word is sure to spark an interest in different words and ways of life in curious minds everywhere.

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