Super Rabbit

Publisher: Gecko Press

Super Rabbit – complete with cape and mask – isn't little. He fights supervillains! But when he gets a splinter (otherwise known as a Super Sword) stuck in his finger, he needs his mum to help him out.

Everything about Super Rabbit is spot-on: from the comic book-style colours to Rabbit's (sorry, Super Rabbit's) endearing expressions.

It all rings true, too. Super Rabbit captures a child's wonder and desire to be bigger and stronger and more grown-up than they really are – but all within the safe and loving and watchful boundaries of their parents. On top of that, it's a hymn to imagination and believing in a little fantasy world. It will make the inner child inside every adult sigh with happy nostalgia. 

Don't forget to also look out for the little cat that follows Super Rabbit around on his adventures – that's one long-suffering and loyal kitty!

All in all, Super Rabbit is bright and funny and perfect for little heroes. 

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