Stone Heart

Publisher: Hachette

When George takes out his frustration on a small dragon carving, accidentally breaking off its head, he awakens a dreadful power which has lain dormant for hundreds of years.

In this stunning debut novel, George finds himself alone and in mortal danger in unLondon, where all the statues in the city come to life and a terrible struggle ensues between the spits and taints – statues with opposing natures.

While being hunted down by a stone pterodactyl, gargoyles and the terrifying Temple Bar dragon, George is forced to rely not only on the World War I Gunner for protection, but also on his own reserves of courage and initiative.

This breathtakingly imaginative and inventive fantasy/horror story should come with a warning that once begun it is impossible to put down. The term page-turner does not do it justice and it will change your view of London forever.

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