Sterling and the Canary

Publisher: Barrington Stoke

Sterling Thaxton is handsome, popular and good at sport, so when he asks Lizzie out, the beautiful new girl in school, he is shocked that she rejects him because he isn’t good at maths! Sterling is heartbroken that Lizzie won’t go out with him and can’t even be cheered up by his best friend Doctor Edward Macintosh (the story behind her unusual moniker is duly explained!).

Then Sterling meets a talking canary who also happens to be a maths whiz and agrees to impress Lizzie, however, Lizzie’s demands become more and more unreasonable, making Sterling realise that perhaps the girl of his dreams isn’t who he thought she was…

This dyslexia-friendly book is full of Stanton’s trademark madcap characters and hilarious plots, but in using short paragraphs and special fonts and paper, it is made accessible to struggling readers.

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