Star Fighters: Alien Attack

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Meet Peri, Intergalactic Force Academy Star Fighter, defender of the Milky Way.  A routine training flight suddenly turns deadly serious when Peri and co-pilot, Diesel, discover hostile Xion fighters storming their galaxy. Peri’s mission is to get the Emperor’s son (which happens to be Diesel) to safety, piloting Phoenix - the most advanced space ship ever built.

Alongside engineer, Selene, they overcome aliens on board but are then faced by an all-engulfing vortex. Quick thinking from Selene sees them blasting through it, thus closing the Xion’s attack route. The Milky Way is safe, but this was their only route home... How will they return?

A quick-thinking, resourceful hero, and non-stop action make this fast-moving outer space adventure a gripping beginner reader. Great fun!

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