Stanley the Amazing Knitting Cat

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Stanley is a highly unusual cat. Chasing mice, escaping dogs or snoozing in sunny corners are not for him: instead, Stanley loves knitting. Wherever he is, Stanley's needles are busily turning out bobble hats, jolly jumpers, silly socks and tail cosies for his animal friends. 

He simply must enter the new Woolly Wonders Competition, and begins to knit immediately - but then he runs out of wool. Panda's pants and bear's socks are unceremoniously unravelled, leaving them shivering and unhappy. But when they discover Stanley's been knitting an enormous knitted balloon to whisk them up and away, harmony is restored.

This eccentric feline tale celebrating friendship is jauntily entertaining. The bunnies in balaclavas have hilarious expressions, and the illustrations are as wild and colourful as Stanley's knitting. Great fun!

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