Spaghetti Hunters

Publisher: Two Hoots

Duck is looking for his spaghetti, but he can’t find it anywhere: it’s not in his teapot, under the mat or in a wellington boot. Fortunately, Tiny Horse, self-proclaimed spaghetti hunter, has all the kit to help them find the elusive pasta.

Yet when Tiny Horse presents her findings, Duck isn’t convinced. Is spaghetti supposed to hiss? And what’s that ball of wool doing there?

Yet when Duck takes the pasta initiative, Tiny Horse isn’t convinced. Can you really make pasta, rather than hunt it? Fortunately, there’s still the tomato sauce to be located…

Morag Hood’s books are perfect for 2-4s and her brilliant humour is also greatly appealing for parents who will love the slightly surreal nature of Spaghetti Hunters as much as her other books. With minimal text, Hood tells the story of two friends, one of whom is a bit of a know-all, and their quest for an everyday childhood favourite. In reading, we also learn a little about how spaghetti is made, teaching very young children something about the origin of their food.

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