Some Places More Than Others

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Every family has secrets. In Amara’s family, secrets and old wounds mean that she has never known her father’s side of the family. Her father’s family live in Harlem, New York City – a world away from the quiet, clean beauty of Oregon, where Amara has lived all her life.

When Amara finally gets her wish, to travel to New York and meet her Grandpa Earl and her cousins, she finds herself plunged into a new world; an exhilarating place with its own, urban beauty and powerful history. Might she belong here too? Fixing the past’s mistakes may be harder than she thinks, but it will also lead to surprising, wonderful revelations about people she loves.

This is a warm, positive story with characters who are easy to empathise with. A vein of poetry runs through it, as well as a strong sense of American history. It would be great for readers who are interested in stories of Black American lives, but are too young for some of the themes in The Hate U Give. A beautifully written and textured book about identity, family and belonging.

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