Publisher: Orchard Books

Kyla has been slated. Her memory has been completely wiped, she has been given a new identity and placed with a new family. She should feel lucky as slating is a new start for criminals who would otherwise be executed, but Kyla doesn’t feel lucky. Violent memories that shouldn’t be there haunt her dreams and threaten her idyllic new existence. These memories drive her to find out who she used to be and what she did to get slated, but the more she learns about herself the more she realises she may not want to know the truth.

Set in the not too distant future this book investigates the restrictions on freedom and individuality that are placed on society by an all-controlling government. Readers are encouraged to decide for themselves whether the safety of society can be placed above the rights of the individual. Kyla is an intriguing protagonist and the true nature of her character is withheld until the very end.

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