Sky Thieves

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Jupiter and Dominika's legendary airship Dragonfly once robbed the rich to help the poor, helped by lieutenants Carlos Vaspine and Lendon Kane.  But Kane grew greedy: he mutinied, murdered Jupiter and Dominika and now terrorises the skies in Shadow. 

Miraculously, Jupiter and Dominika's baby, Zoya, was rescued by Vaspine and placed in orphanage.  She finally learns her origins when she’s brutally kidnapped: she wakes aboard Dragonfly, rescued again by Vaspine.  Her beloved pendant is key to her parent’s lost wealth; Kane desperately wants it, and Dragonfly can’t out-run Shadow. Can they hatch a plan to outwit him?

This is the stuff of classic swashbuckling fast-moving adventure, complete with a wonderful cast of gloriously named characters, a deliciously evil baddie and a feisty heroine coming into her own. 

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