Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam: Up, Up and Away!

Publisher: Nosy Crow

Three wacky short stories are squeezed into this fun-filled volume, featuring the cake-baking, mystery-solving dogs, Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam.

It's Rocky Road Race Day in Up, Up and Away! and a medley of vehicles take part, including a double-decker bus, a scooter and the boys' gleaming Bakemobile. However, when some competitors veer off course, Shifty and Sam suspect their troublesome neighbour, Red Rocket, is sabotaging the race.

To Catch a Thief sees the resourceful duo disguise themselves as hotel employees in order to identify a dastardly jewel thief who targets wealthy hotel guests.

In The Mystery Parcel, a box is left outside their café in the rain. The label is smudged and illegible, yet both dogs claim the parcel belongs to them. Their squabble quickly escalates, with amusing consequences.

Funny and fast-paced, with short chapters and cheery blue illustrations throughout, this collection is sure to appeal to newly independent readers who are increasing in confidence.

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