Ryan Higa’s How to Write Good

Publisher: Little Brown

Ryan Higa’s a YouTube star, so why’s he writing a book? Well, for the money obviously, and because that’s what YouTube stars do, right? Or maybe it’s because he had a hard time as a kid, between being bullied and never finding anything he was good at, making him feel really depressed (something he knows a lot of kids will relate to) – so he’s sharing his story!

This book might seem like a gimmick, but those unfamiliar with internet sensation Higa may be surprised to find themselves completely won over by him. The story is told through the mixed medium of text, describing the darkest times in his life, and beautifully illustrated comic strips depicting Higa and his ghostwriter discussing how to write a book. It is funny, sad and filled with hope. Higa’s humour shines off each page, making it easy to understand why he has such a huge following.

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