Rise Up: Ordinary Kids with Extraordinary Stories

Publisher: Buster Books

Is there something you’ve always dreamed of doing but feared it might be impossible? Perhaps the thing you dream of doing is something that one of the children in this book have done – ballet dancing like Joel Kioko or becoming a chess champ like Phiona Mutesi.

However, there are also extraordinary stories of survival here: Bethany Hamilton, whose arm was bitten off by a shark when surfing, made an amazing recovery and went on to become a professional surfer; or the remarkable life of Lizzie Velasquez, whose rare medical condition made her the butt of extreme bullying, yet who still managed to find the strength to become an inspirational speaker, helping thousands of people around the world.

This is a fantastic and inspiring book, sharing the stories of normal kids from across the world and their amazing achievements. After the biographical information for each person, there are interesting suggestions for activities based on that child’s message or passion, with tips on how to become a K-pop star to facts about the Australian Outback and sending a coded message in braille.

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