Princess Primrose

Publisher: Scholastic

Princess Primrose finds palace life desperately boring (and pink). She wants to climb trees, not wear uncomfortable outfits, learn polite waving and keeping clean. The irrepressible Primrose never stops monkeying about. Despairing, the King and Queen call for grandma.

To solve the Primrose problem, everyone must do exactly as grandma says. The King must climb a tree. The Queen must dress up. The whole royal family must dig up muddy vegetables and create kitchen chaos. Of course, they have the best fun: what the palace needed was some belly laughs. Grandma - as always - was right.

Packed with humorous details and characters, the illustrations have a gloriously jaunty joie de vivre, which complements this story about seizing the fun from life - and never underestimating grandmas!

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