Poppy the Police Horse

Publisher: Faber & Faber

The fourth book in Gavin Puckett and Tor Freeman’s excellent equine early reader series. This time, we’re meeting a police horse named Poppy, who was born blind. Her amazing nose for detection makes her a prime candidate for a job on the force, but her initial instinct is not to help anyone.

When Poppy becomes the victim of a crime herself, and her delicious pie is taken, she is straight on the case. Using her expert sense of smell to track down the villain, she discovers it’s not only the pie that this baddie took!

Told in hilarious rhyming couplets and with Tor Freeman’s brilliantly comic illustrations, this little book is perfect for those transitioning from picture flats to first chapter books and early readers.

Poppy learns a valuable lesson that the pride from helping others is the best feeling of all.

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