Poppy Pym and the Pharaoh's Curse

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Publisher: Scholastic Children's Books

Poppy Pym has had a rather unconventional upbringing in a travelling circus. By the time Poppy is twelve, Madame Pym decides it's high time she went to school, enrolling her at Saint Smithens, a smart boarding school. Poppy soon settles in but after an exhibition of Egyptian artefacts, including a priceless ruby, is put on display at the school, strange and dangerous events ensue. Can Poppy and new found friends, Ingrid and Kip, discover the cause and solve the mystery of the pharaoh's curse?

This has all the elements of an exciting boarding school adventure story, with friends joining forces to solve a mystery while Poppy's circus family bring humour and warmth to this fast paced and enjoyable read.

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