Piggy Handsome

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Publisher: Faber Children’s

Piggy Handsome, an attention seeking guinea pig, is distraught to discover he is the only one in the Handsome family tree to have failed to become famous. He simply must find a way to get himself noticed by the public, and sets out to break a world record. But being a guinea pig has its disadvantages and, despite his dapper quiff and on-point accessories, no one notices his little squeaks, even when he inadvertently captures some criminals and saves the day.

A next-step chapter book from the hilarious author of the Squishy McFluff series, which is perfect for young readers looking for a longer read. Jones brings warmth and humour to her feisty new character, and children will be howling at his outrageous attitude. The criminal caper side line keeps the action moving swiftly along. Pacy, silly and brilliant for boys and girls alike.

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