Pharaoh's Fate: Solve the Ancient Egyptian Mystery

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Publisher: b small publishing

You're in Ancient Egypt. Someone is plotting to murder the pharaoh - and it's up to you to stop them.

Along the way, you will slip through markets, tombs and royal parties, trying to pick up those clues to discover the culprit, before it's too late.

This glorious whodunnit feeds you heaps of facts about Ancient Egypt, from hieroglyphics to gods and goddesses, but never feels like a chore or project.

Your child will barely notice they're learning as the story sweeps them along. Pharaoh's Fate uses the second person tense - 'you' do this and 'you' pursue that - to include the reader in the action and give a fun, interactive feel.

There's so much atmosphere and intrigue that it's sometimes hard to slow down so you can savour the detail - but it's worth it. Lush and absorbing illustrations cover every double-page spread, striking a good balance of fact and narrative.

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