Paul Thurlby’s Wildlife

Publisher: Templar

Take a saunter through the animal kingdom and explore some of the oddities found there, in this stylish picture book. Did you know algae can turn a polar bear’s fur green if the bear gets too warm?  Or, that rats spend a third of their lives washing?  Or that each dog possesses a unique nose print?

There’s an illustration for each fun fact in this book, representing the information and taking it to another level, be it funny, bizarre or entirely literal. For example, the super-clean rat is observed relaxing in his bubble-filled tub with a loofah: the caption reads ‘squeaky clean!’

As well as being a fun book about animal oddities, this picture book is a beautiful introduction to graphic design. Bold, subtly-combined colours and striking, imaginative left-field combinations of images and words combine to make this a remarkable animal book.

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