Norris, the Bear who Shared

Publisher: Orchard Books

Rayner's soft water colours perfectly reflect the quiet atmosphere of this book.

Norris the bear is patient, and prepared to wait for life's pleasures, such as the plorringe hanging from the tree, not quite ripe.

Other creatures sniff, nudge and try to coax the fruit into falling, Norris waits patiently beneath. Of course, once it's ready, the plorringe falls to the ground, where Norris collects it. However, as he is kind as well as wise, he shares his bounty, and makes two new friends.

A modern fable, this book encourages children not to chivvy or snatch, and celebrates patience, kindness and friendship, while exploring the five senses, as the smaller animals watch, listen to, sniff, poke and smell the plorringe.

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