No Buddy Like A Book

Publisher: Walker Books

Young people are encouraged to develop a love of reading in this inspirational picture book, which celebrates books as sources of knowledge, entertainment and adventure. As they board the Book Express train, readers will embark on an incredible journey through time, around the world and beyond.

The central message of this delightful story is that books have the power to provide readers with incredible experiences. Children can track distant stars, hike up a snowy mountain atop a yak, kiss a crocodile and fly through the skies with a flock of exotic birds. They will discover the names of planets, understand why icebergs float and learn how to make a pinhole camera. All that is required is a good book and a sprinkling of imagination.

Rhyming text propels the story along, while the accompanying colourful illustrations are a visual delight. An ethnically diverse range of characters are pictured throughout.

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