Publisher: Gecko Press

Simon the rabbit is in love with Lou. Unfortunately for him, her affections lie with Mamadou, which makes Simon extremely jealous.

When Lou catches head lice, her classmates give her a wide berth and Mamadou leads the hurtful chant of 'Lou’s got nits!' Simon, however, remains loyal to his one true love, although he receives more than he bargains for in return for his dedication.

This funny, light-hearted picture book about a common childhood issue encourages discussion about how to minimise the spread of head lice and avoid stigmatising those who have contracted the unwelcome little insects. The minimal text speaks volumes about the dynamics between young children and is enhanced by vibrant illustrations, which are full of humour and expression.

Guaranteed to elicit plenty of chuckles and more than a little head scratching, this entertaining tale of friendship, loyalty and affection will delight young fans of Simon, the little rabbit with lots of personality.

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