Nibbles: The Monster Hunt

Publisher: Little Tiger Press

A little boy sits contentedly reading his books when Nibbles the monster whizzes in like a whirlwind and begins to cause havoc by munching his way through the boy’s beloved books. Nibbles chomps through the sun and moon in a fact book and grabs a lion’s tail in an encyclopedia.

As the boy giggles and chases Nibbles from page to page, a dragon begins to chase the boy – oh no! As the cheeky monster nibbles through a book about colours (mixing them up as he goes, of course), he decides it’s best to escape the dangerous world of books and dragons… For now.

With flaps to open, peep-holes to peek through and questions to answer, this is a fun and interactive book from beginning to end. As well as the main story, preschoolers and young children can pore over the mini-books that have been woven into the tale, too. Each page is adorned with gorgeous and detailed illustrations that children can explore and talk about with an adult.

This really is a special and clever storybook for families to smile and laugh at together, and luckily, it's part of a series of books all about Nibbles!

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