Nell and the Cave Bear

Publisher: Piccadilly

Nell has no parents so the tribe take care of her in the cave below the mountain. She sometimes misses having a family of her own but since she found Cave Bear when he was a tiny abandoned cub, he has been her best friend and is all the family she needs.

But when she overhears some of the elders discussing a plan to give Cave Bear as a gift to another tribe, Nell is horrified and decides they must run away. As they embark on their exciting adventure to follow the stream until it leads them to safety, Nell has no idea what dangers and thrills lie in store.

Nell’s exciting story is fast-paced but simply told, without unnecessary details or distractions.

Mounting threat is present in the form of a band of wild hunters stalking Cave Bear for his skin, while comic relief is provided by a group from Nell’s own tribe, who are attempting to hunt a herd of woolly mammoths without much success.

Illustrated throughout in shades of blue, the pictures add character and gentle humour to a story which is ideal for newly independent readers.

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