Nanny Fox

Publisher: Orion Children's Books

‘Arnold Fox loved chickens. Not to eat – just as friends.’ So begins this charming tale of the fox who chooses sandwiches over chicks. Arnold loves watching the chickens going about their business, pecking and fluffing, laying eggs and hatching chicks. Eating them is unthinkable - but unfortunately for Arnold, his family feel differently.

Arnold gets a secret job looking after Mrs Buff Orpington’s six chicks and they love their new Nanny Fox, but whose side will he be on when his brother and sister come looking for their dinner?

Little readers will enjoy the farmyard setting of this delightful picture book. The story is gentle and original, without overdoing the 'it's OK to be individual' message, and Selina Young's illustrations are so sweet that there really are no villains here. A slightly longer text helps to make this a perfect bedtime story.

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