My Mums Love Me

Publisher: Scholastic

A hug from Mummy warm and tight: A squeeze from Mama feels just right.

A baby – not defined as either boy or girl - describes the way that they interact with their two mums over the course of a day, from feeding time with Mummy to a bubbly bath with Mama, and plenty of hugs and cuddles all day long. At the end of the day, it’s story time with Mama and Mummy, and time to snuggle up in a glowy, dreamy bedtime.

This adorable picture book with warm toned illustrations celebrates the daily routine of a baby and the fun that can be had all day including singing in the car and visiting a farm for a fun day trip. It’s lovely to see a same sex parent couple here too as well as a mixed race one, enabling more families to find a book where they can see themselves represented.

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