My First Atlas

Publisher: Really Decent Books

A bright and simple vision of the world shown in seven continents. Each spread shows a map outline in bright colours with a few animals and some major sights picked out. The pages are thick glossy card that will stand up to bashing and chewing, while the cover is padded in a thick squashy jacket.

Text is kept to an absolute minimum, with a bold title showing the title  'NORTH AMERICA'  and a handful of landmarks loosely shown; 'the rockies', 'niagara falls' 'golden gate bridge' and 'empire state building'. The animals shown are cute and bold; South American llamas, pandas in Asia and albatross in Antarctica give a diverse spread of sea and land animals even in very small numbers.

This is as basic as an Atlas could be, but at this stage it's as much about turning the pages and talking to your baby about what you can see.

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