My Embarrassing Dad's Gone Viral!

Publisher: Oxford University Press

This hilarious story has a real drama at its heart. Nelson's mum has moved on and he's going to have to face that painful reality. While Nelson buries himself in finding fame online, his father is shrugging off the modern world for a different kind of fantasy, and they'll have to meet somewhere in the middle to move on.

Genuinely funny and absolutely of the moment, it's a really fun read that covers some important topics. Nelson's 'Grizzly Daddams' videos will keep readers howling, but it's the mystery of his missing mum that will keep the pages turning.

Reminding readers that there is life beyond the computer screens is never a bad thing either, and it's nice that Nelson reaches the conclusion that it's okay to be both indoorsy AND outdoorsy… Just not as outdoorsy as his embarrassing dad!

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