Music is My Life

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Publisher: Wide Eyed Editions

What do you do if you feel really sad? Maybe chat to a friend, do something you enjoy, go for a long walk… or perhaps you listen to some music and have a good cry?

If music is your safe space - somewhere you can go to think, feel and sort out your life - you might appreciate some help finding the tracks that fit your mood, inspire you to get creative or simply chill out.

This book acts as a sort of music library featuring some of the greatest performers and songwriters of the past 50 years from Bob Marley to Drake, or Ariana Grande to the Arctic Monkeys. 80 artists are included and classified into 12 sections such as Celebrate Life, Dance Around, Cry it Out and Focus.

Each artistic profile has brief biographical details and career highlights with suggestions for essential listening and how, why or when a track came into being. Original illustrations and plenty of colour add interest and keep the mood light.

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