Mummy's Special Day

Publisher: Andersen Press

Mummy is brilliant in every way: she reads books at bedtime, makes picnics, creates beards out of bubbles in the bath and is always kind. So when Mother’s Day comes around, her two children decide to create a very special day, just for Mummy. First, they plan to wake Mummy up with a very special breakfast, followed by a wonderful new dress to put on and lunch at a very exclusive café. Sadly, though, the day doesn’t quite go to plan, and the children end up in a bit of a mess.

Fortunately, Mummy is used to a bit of mess – and, in fact, she wouldn’t have it any other way. But maybe tomorrow the children can create a special day just for Grandma…

Stickley and Rabei’s sweet story about a Mother’s Day that doesn’t go quite according to plan is a riot of colourful detail, delighting in the chaos the children make, all because they love Mummy so much. Families reading along will very likely sympathise with the mess – and also with the hugs at the end, if not with the saintly patience of Mummy who doesn’t even mind being chased by bees. A delightful book for mums and little ones to read together.

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