Mudpuddle Farm: Pigs Might Fly!

Publisher: HarperCollins

It’s a super scorching summer and Pintsize is boiling hot! The birds look much cooler, gliding up in the sky, so the piglet decides to learn to fly. But he keeps crash landing. The other animals are fed up being squished as he plummets to the ground, so Albertine the goose asks her buzzard friend to teach mischievous Pintsize a lesson…

Later that summer, Farmer Rafferty takes out Old Thunder, the combine harvester, to mow the meadow. Farmer Rafferty always give his dog Jigger a holiday on harvest day. Could this be the year the determined sheepdog catches the moles and voles and mice and bugs hiding in the corn?

Two funny farm stories for younger readers from the perennially popular Michael Morpurgo. Hilarious illustrations by Shoo Rayner complement the comical animal characters.

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