Mooncat and Me

Publisher: Two Hoots

Pearl has moved to a new house in a new city and is going to start a new school, but she’s nervous. She won’t know anyone there, and nobody will know her. How will she cope?

Yet, the next day, when Mum suggests they go exploring, a huge white cat with twinkling eyes and a cheery smile appears in Pearl’s window. Pearl agrees, and finds that even though the new city is loud and unfamiliar, she feels safe because Mooncat is there. And, when it’s time for Pearl to start at her new school, Mooncat comes along too. By the end of the day, Pearl has had such a fun time that she’s forgotten that Mooncat has disappeared altogether – where can he be?

A perfect book to share with a little one who might be nervous about starting school or moving house, Mooncat and Me is a lovely, gentle story about not being scared to ask for help at difficult times, and a reminder that changes can often turn out to be really positive. Lydia Corry’s reassuring Mooncat is completely adorable, and young readers will definitely want to imagine their own animal protector friends after reading.

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