Monster School

(4 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5)

Publisher: Chronicle Books

This richly illustrated collection of ghoulish poetry is set in a kindergarten full of young ghosts, goblins and zombies. From a ditty about a lonely gargoyle to a pumpkin rap, the poems vary in style, length and subject matter, giving them wide appeal.

In Monster Mash, explore the diverse ancestry of a girl with claws, three scaly tails and purple hair, who is descended from an elven great-grandma and a boggart great-grandpa. Choose from the grisly lunch options in Cafeteria Food, such as spider biscuits, dragon wings on toast and pickled donkey tails, which make even the most revolting school dinners seem appetising. Discover how to look after Medusa-style snake-hair in Hair Care and meet Stevie the Loser, a little boy who misplaces all manner of things, from his backpack and mittens to his nose and eyeball.

Accompanied by macabre illustrations and plenty of gruesome humour, these spooky rhymes are great fun to read aloud to little monsters, particularly at Halloween.

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