Monster! Hungry! Phone!

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Monster is very hungry, but whenever he calls the pizza delivery place, he keeps getting the wrong number: a vegan jaguar in Nicaragua, Amanda the ping-pong-playing Panda and even an alien in outer space. Ai yai yai! What does a monster have to do to get some food?

Finally, the pizza arrives. But when Monster opens the door, the squirrel delivery person isn’t prepared for what they see…

Brilliantly funny and full of silly catchphrases that kids will be repeating for days after listening, Monster! Hungry! Phone! is a straightforward, funny book with a simple idea at its core – trying to get something and failing - and a chaotic but loveable monster.

There are lots of opportunities for grown-ups reading – and little ones listening – to shout along with the monster and pretend to be the different animals he gets in touch with: it probably isn’t a very relaxing book for bedtime, but brilliant fun for any other part of the day.

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